The septic system in your house is just like your other appliances or household furniture; it needs proper and regular maintenance. Moreover, failing in doing so will definitely lead to bigger problems. 


So, what should be the reasons you need to consider to aid in helping you discern if you need an inspection with your septic system? 


  1. Problem


Yes, a problem might be a bad scenario to have your septic system fixed. By now, you probably encountered unpleasant odor and experience which was prevented if maintenance was on a regular basis. When it comes to slow flushing of your toilet to your sink draining slower than usual, septic system should be considered a top cause.  


  1. Remodel or Renovation


Remodeling your home means you have the goal to make your home a better place to live. You might be aiming for functionality as well as appearance but in all those aspirations or detail-oriented agendas, the septic system in your home should be a priority.  


When remodeling or renovating your home, it is a wise decision to have everything checked and inspected before proceeding to design. The septic system in your home should be checked to make sure that there will be no problems that will arise regarding drainage and water waste disposal.  

If the septic system is disregarded, back flow situations may arise. This situation should be avoided because it has never been a pleasant situation to be in. Thus, always invest in inspecting the septic system in your home.  


Septic system inspection actually has two classifications. One is visual and the other is full.  


So, what is a visual inspection? 


Visual inspection focuses on things that can be easily observed and can include the following: 


– Flush the toilet and wait if there is unclear water that flows back into your toilet.  

– Run the faucet and wait for a few minutes while observing if the sink is draining as fast as it should.  

– Check the yard for unusual lush of green lawn or through the location of the septic tank for any wet indication or leak indication. 


Visual inspection can be done by the homeowner himself however giving the job to an expert will bring forth a more precise inspection. 


On the other hand, full inspection involves more dirty work. The septic tank is opened and checked for the level of water present. Through checking the inside or content of the septic tank, leakages so also much more visually examined, if there are any. Moreover, pump out process is often pushed through when t comes to full inspection. Extra concerns like piping or plumbing connected to the septic system is also given attention. 


Signs indicated or mentioned previously may be detected easily by a homeowner however if those signs or indications were not met but concerns like odor arise, it is always best to call for an expert for a full and thorough inspection.  

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