When it comes to deposits from your kitchen, your bathroom, used water from when you did your laundry or perhaps the overall waste water that comes from your home, there is mostly one endpoint that is responsible for storing it or treating it; septic tank system. 


So why is there a need to pump out the septic tank in your home? 


Through time, your septic system will reduce in its water content and the solid wastes that are in your septic tank will be a source of illness if left without pumping it out. The wastes can cause great danger to you and your family’s health and I’m sure that no one wants that. 


To make sure that there will be no harm brought upon you and your family through a septic system that is unclean, investing or resorting to services that provide septic pump out is your best choice. This will not only keep you and your family’s health s a priority but will definitely help in maintaining the health of your septic system as well. Moreover, this will ensure that you are safe from costly repairs if ever there is regular maintenance.  


So how do you know when you need to clean or pump out your septic tank? 



Septic tanks are hidden tanks and are not visible in your home. The tanks are installed below the ground level for both aesthetic and sanitary purposes. Although it is hard to determine the need through seeing the situation regarding your septic tank, there are other indications that you can look out for. 


Signs or indications may include:  


– Unpleasant or odd odor 

– A difficulty in flushing the toilet or having a sight of back flow 

– Thriving grass surrounding the location of the septic tank 

– Overflow of waste or wastewater 

– A sight of leakage on the location of the septic tank 


If you have observed at of these and you know for a fact that you have not called for a septic maintenance service for month, then it is time to make that call today. If you have any concern on your septic system, septic tank pump out Jacksonville FL offers services regarding pumping out your septic tanks at home. Simply connect with them through prestoplumbingjax.com.  


How many times should you have your septic system or septic tanks pumped out? 


To ensure that your septic tank is well maintained, it is advisable to have it pumped out at least twice every 5 years or have it pumped once in every 2 years. However, the pump-out process really depends on the volume your septic tank can hold. If you have a smaller septic tank, then you should invest on a more frequent pump out procedure.  


Given that your septic tank is maintained to its best health every visit from the septic system services, there are things you should do as a homeowner as well to help maintain your septic system.  


– Skip flushing chemicals on your sink  

– Cut off or remove any tree or plant whose roots may go to the location of your septic tank 

– Never flush your hygienic toiletries down your toilet 

– Ditch draining oily or greasy substances down the drain 


These things may be little compared to the pump out procedure you delegate to contractors who are experts in septic systems, however, as they say, a little goes a long way.